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Storage cages

Kosze dłuzycowe, składowanie na zewnątrz

Transport cages

kosze transportowe do dłużyc 3

Storage cages for long items

Top-class warehousing systems offered by Logi-Max enable to store fine products and long items. Below, you will find our products which will allow to improve the operation of each warehouse.

Transport cages – a very durable solution developed to enable to store different materials. Gitterbox transport cages enable to store smaller products. They are used in such areas as automotive industry, gardening, and logistics, as well as in many other industries. Logi-Max gitterbox cages stand out thanks to their resistance to low temperatures and the durable steel they are made of. They are stackable – up to five cages can be put one on top of the other. Gitterbox cages can be classified to two subcategories:

  1. Steel and wooden gitterbox transport cages – based on a steel frame, filled with a wooden floor, light but at the same time durable.
  2. Steel gitterbox transport cages – a full steel structure, guaranteeing excellent durability.

Logi-Max gitterbox transport cages are available in two sizes, differing in terms of height: larger (1240 x 835 x 970 mm) and smaller (1240 x 835 x 460 mm).

Storage cages for long items. They are used by companies dealing with storage of wood, construction materials, and steel profiles. The load capacity of a long item cage is 1500 kg. The cages are combinable and stackable – such a structure can have the maximum height of four cages. This category of our products can be handled with forklift trucks. Logi-Max long item cages are perfect for storing the following materials:

  • Steel profiles,
  • Structural timber,
  • Lumber,
  • Steel plates,
  • Closed sheet metal container,
  • Post pallet,
  • Metal post pallet,
  • Metal pallet,
  • Steel metal container,
  • Metal transport container,
  • Small transport container,
  • Large transport container,
  • Sheet metal container.

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