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Long materials truck - Duplex

Long materials trucks

Our trucks are transport devices intended for transporting long items. The long materials truck is compatible with other trucks. It can be combined with a manual pallet truck, an electric pallet truck, or a front forklift truck. Loading and unloading of Duplex is carried out by a forklift truck used in a tandem, a gantry, or another lifting device.

What are long materials trucks intended for transporting long and heavy loads?

Long materials transport trucks constitute an important element of equipment in warehouses dealing with long, bulky items. Transport and storage of such goods can be quite a challenge if you don’t have appropriate tools, hence the choice of a suitable truck is crucial. A long materials truck is a popular choice for warehouses or industrial plants which handle long items as part of their daily activities.

LOGI-MAX long materials trucks are a robust and easily adjustable solution, which withstands harsh conditions and facilitates wheeled transport of long items a great deal. Their side posts guarantee safe transport and stability during transport, whereas their structure allows to manoeuvre them easily in many directions. Check out their different variants available on our offer – the choice of a suitable forklift truck will allow to optimise transport processes. Working with a forklift truck as well as a pallet truck from the offer of LOGI-MAX will be a reasonable solution for your warehouse.

Benefits of using a long materials truck

Duplex manual long materials truck guarantees economical, effective, and safe transport of long items and will be an excellent solution wherever there is not enough space to use any other structure, a gantry, or a large forklift truck. Simultaneous rotation of the front plate and of the rear undercarriage makes the truck able to move sideways. This way the goods can be easily manoeuvred even in a limited space.

Profiles truck, long materials truck

We offer a whole array of profiles transporting trucks. Most of them have surfaces equipped with different types of protection. They are capable of handling light, heavy, and even very heavy loads.

Materials which are most often transported by means of these trucks are long profiles, slats, and other long items. Tell us what you need a truck for, and we will adapt its functions accordingly.

Our trucks for transporting pipes, profiles, and sheets

Trucks for transporting pipes, profiles, and sheets offered by LOGI-MAX are a comprehensive and reliable solution for warehouses of all sizes, offering both a fast rate and safety of operation.

Long materials trucks are an optimal solution for internal transport of long, bulky items, such as pipes, profiles, or sheet metal.

A long materials truck is a secure investment

Investing in the Duplex device will allow you to eliminate very expensive 4-way and multiway trucks. The role of long materials trucks is to facilitate the handling of long items in industrial plants which use aluminium profiles, long materials cages, window and door joinery elements, structural timber, metal structures, or sandwich panels.

Our long materials trucks are perfect for transporting really heavy and long goods. Their length is adjustable and they can transport long items. The frame of most trucks on our offer is powder coated, which improves its durability and resistance to harsh conditions over a long period of frequent use. Two front and rear corner posts secure transported goods, as well as allow for their additional fastening.

LOGI-MAX long materials trucks are designed for specific industries and warehouses, tailored to our customers’ needs. Our long materials trucks are intended for handling heavy loads, pipes, and commodity products for other materials, such as profiles, which may be difficult to handle. They are also intended for working in difficult conditions, so they withstand wear and tear resulting from frequent use. The wheels of our trucks will work great on all sorts of surfaces, e.g. on rough or slippery surfaces, to make manoeuvring easier.

Duplex multiway long materials trucks
• Maximum load capacity 3000 kg
• Length of transported items from 3 m to 8 m
• Available in the width of 1000 mm
• Possible specialised and customised designs
• Excellent manoeuvrability
• Easy to operate in the longitudinal and transverse direction with little effort
• The trailer with long items can be lifted at the front by means of a manual pallet truck or a forklift truck
• Strengthened drawbar on the rear undercarriage for steering and manoeuvring
• Rear wheels enable driving across ramps and bumps
• High quality wheels with polyurethane (PU) tires secure maximum load capacity, longer life, low rolling resistance,
• The rear undercarriage equipped with a parking brake and a foot protection
• Easy loading by means of a crane or a forklift truck
• Removable side posts facilitating manual loading and unloading

Frequently asked question

1What is the long materials truck?
The long materials truck is a transport device which facilitates transporting long items. It is compatible with other transport trucks.
2What is the intended use of the long materials truck?
As the name suggests, it is a truck intended for transporting long and heavy loads on short distances. It can transport sheet metal, rods, timber.
3What are the benefits of the long materials truck as compared to the conventional truck?
Our long materials trucks are exceptionably easy to drive, manoeuvre, and turn. Our short footage demonstrates their exceptional mobility.
4How does the long materials truck move?
Our long materials trucks can move in any direction.
5What can the long materials truck replace?
Logi-Max long materials trucks can be often used instead of other heavier and more expensive structures, gantries, or large forklift trucks.
6Why do customers choose the duplex truck instead of 4-way and multiway trucks?
They are a more economical solution and they reach all spaces which cannot be reached by larger trucks.

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