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Transport containers

Top-class warehousing systems offered by Logi-Max enable to store fine products and long items. Below, you will find our products which will allow to improve the operation of each warehouse.

Transport containers – a perfect solution for storing materials in the form of fine elements. They are used most of all in the furniture industry, gardening, automotive industry, and foundries. We can adapt the design of our containers to suit specific materials and intended use. Each cage can store loads of up to 3000 kg. Transport containers are resistant to external conditions – it doesn’t matter if the temperature is low or high.

Our offer also includes other products improving the operation of warehouses, such as:

  • Closed sheet metal container,
  • Post pallet,
  • Metal post pallet,
  • Metal pallet,
  • Steel metal container,
  • Metal transport container,
  • Small transport container,
  • Large transport container,
  • Sheet metal container.

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