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Material trucks and platforms

wózek do długich ładunków dłużycowych

Long materials trucks

wózek wielokierunkowy magazynowy seria B1

Multiway reach trucks

wózek wysokiego składowania neos

High reach trucks


Narrow aisle reach trucks

Work in the warehouse requires not only solutions supporting storage itself, but also aimed to secure efficient logistics. Trucks and platforms available at Logi-Max definitely improve the quality of the functioning of each storage space. Our offer includes long materials trucks, multiway reach trucks, high reach trucks, and narrow aisle reach trucks.

Long materials trucks – warehousing solutions supporting transport of long items. They work great in small spaces – they can reach places unreachable to any other structures. They are most often used for transporting sheet metal and timber. The Logi-Max long materials truck can move in every direction, is easily manoeuvrable, and at the same time it is a good value for money as compared to gantries and large forklift trucks. Duplex trailer long materials trucks available at Logi-Max are equipped with a very intuitive steering system and can transport up to 3000 kg of materials of the lengths between 3 and 6 m.

Multiway reach trucks – the most robust structures, enabling to transport very heavy loads. They are a perfect solution for handling materials on pallets, as well as long items. Multiway reach trucks are easy to operate – our products allow for high precision of all operations. Logi-Max offers trucks with different load capacities, from 1500 to 8000 kg, depending on specific needs of each warehouse. We have the following models on offer:

  • 4-wheeled lateral multiway trucks on flexible tires (HD series),
  • 4-way lateral forklift trucks (S-SE series),
  • 4-way lateral forklift trucks (B1 series),
  • Drawbar electric forklift trucks (715 BD series).

High reach trucks – a perfect solution for warehouses where some materials are stored on drive-in racks. High reach trucks are characterised by high manoeuvrability and possibility of working in narrow aisles. They are also resistant to all types of factors they might come into contact with during work. Furthermore, such trucks offer high efficiency of the battery cell.

Narrow aisle reach trucks are best used as an economical solution for warehouses which do not have wide working aisles. They can be used in 1600 mm – wide aisles. 3-wheeled narrow aisle reach trucks offer a chance to implement new standards of storage at low cost. Logi-Max offers models of a renowned brand Bendi, such as:

  • Narrow aisle reach truck B420,
  • Narrow aisle reach truck B420 HL,
  • Narrow aisle reach truck B320,
  • Narrow aisle reach truck B3.

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